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Beaded Jewels Designs
Handmade Jewelry as UNIQUE as YOU
Original Designs in Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry
Welcome to
Beaded Jewels Designs
Beaded Necklaces - One of a Kind Designs Handmade Beaded Necklace Creations
Visit our Gallery for Lexi Butler's latest Original  Designs
All Beaded Jewels products are designed and made in the USA
Handmade Beaded Jewelry Greatly Reduced
Division Closeout Sale 50% OFF
50% Division Closeout Sale! Shop for some gorgeous handmade beaded jewelry, well made, to reduced price.
Beaded Bracelets
Handmade Beaded Bracelets by Bead Work Artisan Lexi Butler
One of a Kind Designs Handmade Bracelets Creations
Beaded Earrings
Unique Hand Crafted Beaded Earrings
Beaded Earrings - Unique Hand Crafted Beaded Earrings  with gemstones and  or crystals
Handmade Beaded Comfy Anklets

Fashion Accessories
Fashion Accessories - Handmade Beaded Comfy and Stylish , Anklets, Pursepulls
Beaded  Awreness Bracelets - Beautiful Crystal and Sterling Silver  Awarness Color Bracelets to fit your needs made by Artisan Lexi Butler
Beaded Awareness Color Bracelets
Custom made awareness bracelets to fit your needs.
Beaded Crosses
Handmade Bead-Woven 3-D Swarovski Crystal Crosses
Beaded Crosses - Handmade Bead-Woven 3-D Swarovski Crystal Crosses with  optional sterling silver rope chain.
Beaded Necklaces
Beaded Necklaces - Find among other beautiful necklaces unique hand crafted chainmaille necklace creations
One of a Kind  Beaded Chainmaille Necklace Creations
Beaded  Fashion Accessories -Goreous Dyed Freswater Pearl Hair Combs
Beaded Hair Jewelry
Handmade  Fresh Water Pearl Hair Combs
Beaded Pendants - Handmade Bead-Woven 3-D Swarovski Crystal Pendants
Beaded Pendants
Handmade Bead-Woven 3-D Swarovski Crystal Pendant
By Bead Work Artisan Lexi Butler
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About the Quality
Beaded Jewels Designs stand out in quality, because of exquisite hand crafted jewelry creations. Behind these fantastic hand crafted designs, is the the seasoned artisan Lexi Butler. She uses only the finest material available to her, like sterling silver, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls, genuine gemstones and fine glass beads. For the intricate bead weaving work Lexi Butler uses top of the line Delicas and TOHO Seed Beads.
Visit our Gallery
We like to invite you to browse  through our gallery where you will find a  variety of fun to fancy jewelry styles of handmade beaded, bead woven, beaded chainmaille and other techniques. Included in our gallery are beaded necklaces, beaded earrings, beaded bracelets, beaded sets and beaded fashion accessories like our foot jewelry. Lexi Butler's designs are original creations and not available for sale anywhere else.  Our design are one of a kind and nothing is massed produced.
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Designer Jewelry by LB for all of our unique wire weave jewelry
Handmade beaded jewelry  division closeouts sales 50% OFF Free Shipping
All of our available handmade beaded necklaces by Beaded Jewels Designs
All handcrafted beaded bracelets by Lexi Butler Artisan at Beaded Jewels Designs
Our Collection of Handmade Bead-Woven Rings made by Artisan Lexi Butler
Handmade beaded fashion accessories by Beaded Jewels Designs
Handmade beaded gemstone pendants with crystal bead work and optional necklaces.